Smoked chicken and avocado salad at Maggie Jones, Kensington
Smoked chicken and avocado salad at Maggie Jones, Kensington

We've been on a bit of a doggy loving trip ever since we discovered Outsider Tart. So last weekend we decided to do some more exploration, and chanced upon Maggie Jones, in Kensington. Tucked away, just off the high street, it's very easy to miss. But it's been around for over 40 years I hear, so all the locals probably already know about it!

Maggie Jones's takes you back in time. The ground floor is dog friendly and when you step into it, it's like stepping into a scullery from the 1920s. Pots and pans and jugs and cans hang from the walls. But wait a minute, when you turn and look around, you aren't sure if it's a scullery or an old barn you've found yourself in. Horse saddles and riding gear and woven baskets full of dried flowers hang off the wall and ceiling. And then you're seated in a corner on a rustic monk's bench, at a table bathed in candlelight, and you could be in a tavern from decades ago. And it's cozy and intimate here in the corner, but there's sunlight creeping through the old windows and casting shadows all around, and it's confusing and quirky and so very quaint, that you can't help but love it.

Quintessential British lunch menu. Pot pies and tarts, roast meat, soups, salads and  puddings. I picked the smoked chicken and avocado salad. Sumptuous portion and very tasty indeed. We reached just as the kitchen was closing unfortunately, so they'd run out of pud - the apple crumble with custard looked divine - but my ice-cream with chocolate brandy sauce was simple and great too. 

Definitely going back for dinner at some point! Both for the ambience and the much longer dinner menu ;) 

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