It’s easy to miss Noodles & Magic when you’re hurrying down King Street in Hammersmith. Tucked away beside Books for Amnesty, on the ground floor of Appleton House, it doesn’t look very inviting in the day. But in the evenings when all the candles are lit, you peep in and see a few happy people bent over their meals, and it’s warm and welcoming. I'd been to Noodles & Magic a couple of years ago after one of those long days at work when neither my husband nor I fancied cooking. I had happy memories of our meal and so everytime I'd walk that way, which is very often, I'd tell myself I must come back here. But you know how life is - you’re so busy rushing around trying to get somewhere, nice places just pass you by sometimes.

But I’ve had it at the back of my mind, and yesterday I decided to stop by for an early dinner. There wasn’t anyone else in there yet, and I settled down at my table with a lovely long menu. The waitress wasn’t in a hurry, the chef wasn’t either, there weren’t any waiting customers, so I took my time with it. When I’d finally made up my mind, it was time to light the candles and dim the lights. Just in time.

I opted for a vegetarian version of their Khao Soi. Hot and comforting on a cold evening in March. But before that, my old favourite sesame prawn toasts. I did tell myself I’d make an effort to pick something else this time around, but it just seemed unfair when it came down to it. So Khanom Pang na Goong it was.

Khao Soi at Noodles and Magic
Khao Soi at Noodles and Magic

But I digress. Coming back to Khao Soi. A large helping of deliciously soft egg noodles in a coconut curry soup, packed with crunchy vegetables and beansprouts and lovely airy tofu, garnished with plenty of crisp fried garlic, onion, coriander, and a sliced boiled egg. I loved every bit of it.

By the time I’d finished, the place was beginning to fill up, and I left feeling so pleased that it had been just as I’d remembered it :)