I’m one of those people who doesn’t know what to say when people ask me where in India I’m from! I’ve had the fortune of growing up all over the country. I’ve lived in Mumbai, Kanpur, Chennai, Gwalior, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bangalore. Interestingly, my parents and grandparents were also quite nomadic growing up! So food at home has always been a wonderful medley of recipes picked up from across the country.

My grandmother and mum are fabulous cooks and queens of their kitchens, so I never had the chance to so much as make myself toast when I was at home! I came to England for a year as a postgraduate student in 2005, and that’s when I learned, much to my own surprise, that I love cooking. And baking. And food photography. And recipe books. And food markets, and food travelling, and discovering new joints, and hosting, and large wooden tables packed with gorgeous platters. There was no turning back, the genes had won the day, and a dream to build and run my own restaurant someday was born.

As a student I didn’t have much disposable income to spend on eating out, but when in 2010 my husband and I moved to London on a double income it didn't take too long to realise that this city is without a doubt the world’s gastronomical capital. Over the seven years that I’ve lived and worked here, my tastebuds have enjoyed flavours I never knew existed from around the world, and boy have they sung with joy!  

In the 6 years that I worked in London I realised that though I enjoyed digital marketing, a part of me really wanted to give my foodie dream a shot. I started off with a food blog, Oh So Crumbtious, sharing restaurant reviews, recipes, and food travel stories. And in the Spring of 2016 I finally took the leap. I resigned, dug into my savings, and The Travelling Tikki was born.  

The Travelling Tikki is all about sharing great flavours from across India through handmade food that is made with passion, using fresh ingredients and homemade spice mixes. My food has been inspired by India, by family recipes, and by my travels and experiences. 

There is some fantastic Indian cooking going on in London kitchens, and I am so proud that we're sharing the very best of our culinary heritage with this incredible city, in traditional and innovative styles.