Indian cuisine is as diverse as the country is, and the flavours in each region of the country are a beautiful harmony of the local spices and ingredients, culture of the people living there, and history of the land. India has been home to the English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Danish and Norwegian traders and settlers, and the Persian, Turk, Afghan, and Mughal invaders, and immigrants from Iran, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Tibet, and Afghanistan! Their influence is apparent in several aspects of Indian life, and very noticeably in food.  The continuous movement of people across the country has resulted in further intermingling of cultures within the country, and with globalisation now the way of life, the international influence on Indian culture and food continues to evolve in interesting ways. 

What we have then is a very unique marriage of flavours, with each part of the country offering the palate something very exciting and new. The Travelling Tikki is all about bringing some of these fantastic flavours that have journeyed across India to you. 

We cater our pan-Indian speciality cuisine for small corporate and private events. Take a look at our curries & accompaniments menu and corporate bento box menus