A la carte


Old Delhi lamb korma


Rajma masala (v)

Red kidney beans in a classic tomato-onion-ginger-garlic sauce



Methi paneer (v)

Indian cheese and fenugreek leaves cooked together



Aromatic basmati rice (v) 


Paratha (v)

Indian flatbread

£1 each*

Bento box

Lamb bento box (£14 per box): Old Delhi lamb korma, methi paneer, aromatic basmati, 1 paratha

Veggie bento box (£12 per box): Rajma masala, methi paneer, aromatic basmati, 1 paratha


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*Cash on delivery. Free delivery for orders £10 and over. Delivery to West Drayton postcodes UB7 7, UB7 8 and UB7 9 only.

Allergy advice: Dishes may contain nuts, gluten, dairy, soybeans, mustard, sesame, egg, crustaceans, squid, fish/fishbone, sulphur dioxide. If you have an allergy, please enquire before ordering.

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