We could pitch a street food stall

Who doesn't love a live kitchen! We'll come around to your venue with our gazebo, tables and equipment, and cook up creative Indian street food. Take a look at what we cook at our stall and photos of our street food

We could deliver sandwich and finger food platters

Our sandwiches and finger food are all handmade, and prepared fresh when you place your order. We have a range of vegetarian, meat, seafood and assorted platters to choose from. Take a look at our corporate sandwich and corporate finger food menus


We could deliver bento boxes or meals to share

If you're keen to lay out a more elaborate meal, you'll be interested in our pan-Indian speciality cuisine. Some of the most delicious starters, mains, sides and accompaniments from across India, delivered as either a complete meal for each person in individual bento boxes (we have vegetarian, meat and seafood boxes to choose from) or packed in takeaway boxes to share. Take a look at our bento boxes and our a-la-carte menu